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Dimensioni: 258 KB Sistema: Windows All Licenza: GPL Prezzo: FREE Download: 10 Data: 2010-02-09 Editore: Nicolas Carranza

JPen 2-100121: descrizione

JPen 2-100121 brings back an effective library for accessing pen/digitizer tablets and pointing devices using Java 5.

Major Features:

  1. Event/listener architecture.
  2. Device access is implemented through providers. JPen contains providers for Linux (X Input), Windows (wintab), Mac OS X (Cocoa) and the java system mouse (java AWT mouse).


  • Bug fix: a PButton.Type.ON_PRESSURE true event is not fired when the pen already has a pressure value greater than 0 .
  • Bug fix: reset pressure value when changing the pen kind, or when the PenManager is paused.
  • Regression fix (revision 210): PenScheduler stops sending movement events when using the mouse.
  • Bug fix: jpen.internal.filter.AbsoluteOnARowRule wasn't working.

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